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We are a regular family making a go of farm life and sustainable living. We’re learning as we go and sharing the journey. We’re glad you stopped by, Stay a while, make yourself at home.


“…there is something sacred to honor about the pigness of the pig.”  Joel Salatin

We want our pigs to be happy pigs.  Sometimes in the woods, sometimes on pasture, sometimes on walks for a dip in the pond. cheap nfl jerseys wholesale  We want our pigs to root and dig and wallow and do whatever we can to help them express their “pigness.”

A stress free and natural life produces a product unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a store. We feed grains and work towards fulfilling their dietary needs with as many pig harvested food options as we can.  Always striving to honor their pigness.


It’s hard to know the “best” way to grow or raise food these days.  There’s a mind numbing abundance of experts with opposing views in every space. It’s enough to leave you paralyzed for fear of making the wrong choice.

For our family, we wanted “better.” A better life for the animals.  Better nutrition for us.  A better existence for our children.

And so, armed with good intentions and an army of respected mentors, our journey began.  Our method is to begin with a proven technique and then see what we can do to make it better.  Our mentors have proven techniques learned from many years of trial end error.  We start there and learn all we can.  Then, we adjust based on what works on our farm with our critters.


We raise grass fed and finished beef cattle.  It takes longer, the profits are much lower, the breeding stock is much harder to find, but in the end, we believe the product is far superior to modern practice beef, and frankly, it’s the right thing to do.

out site In the winter when the grass isn’t growing our cattle have access to lowland swamp areas to forage on different types of vegetation.  In addition, we supplement with the occasional round bale of local cow hay.  As a treat we use alfalfa cubes so we can call them in for a head count and to check out their condition.

Our stock is primarily Angus from many generations raised without grains.  We select the breeders we pick for ability to thrive on our pastures as well as temperament.  Cows eating what they were meant to eat living a low stress “Lazy” life.


There’s nothing like a free range egg!  Per Florida law we can only sell eggs “for pet consumption only.” Our free range birds get only the feed they can steal from the other animals or what they self harvest.  Surplus free range eggs are rare for us but from time to time we have eggs from our heritage (grain fed) breeders available.

From time to time we will make available Meat Birds (Chickens and Turkeys currently), Eggs, and Heritage Layer Chicks.   Sign up for our email list to find out when opportunities to buy arise.


We raise Nubian Dairy Goats.  We blend our own feed mix from whole grains and allow the goats to self harvest from “forage banks” we provide.  We also provide high quality hay while we build our forage options.  Our long term goal is to provide ALL of their nutritional needs from available live forage.  By keeping the herd small and planting more forage banks each year, we believe this is attainable.

We carefully select our breeders for milk production and temperament.  While conformation is also important, we place a higher value on the milk production and temperament,  We maintain a small herd and seasonally sell kids, yearlings, bucks, and more rarely, experienced milk does.

From time to time we also sell surplus milk and cheese products.  Of course, “Per Florida Law all dairy is sold for animal consumption only.”   Surplus dairy is rare.  Since we maintain a small herd, we use most of what we produce ourselves and have a waiting list of customers wanting cheese.  Occasionally we will freeze milk for soap makers.  Please contact us if this interests you as frozen milk is much easier to accommodate than fresh product.



We believe we can raise animals to our family’s standards while providing a happy and healthy life for the animals.  We will share that standard openly and share our surplus with those who understand the value of small scale animal husbandry.

When you raise livestock for profit, it’s too easy to sacrifice quality or animal welfare.  There’s a balance between the ultimate in animal husbandry and the price people are willing to pay for their food.


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