Welcome to Lazy Hollow Farm,

Lazy Hollow is a Hobby farm and home for the Barcia family. We value the land…the gifts it brings us, and the lessons it teaches.

We’re a regular family making a go of farm life and sustainable living. We’re learning as we go and sharing the journey.


Recent Posts & Tidbits

Learning Opportunities

It wasn’t long ago we had a “Dad talk” about people and intelligence and judgment.  I don’t remember the specifics but the theme was important enough for me to make a post.  It’s a concept I hope my children take with them to adulthood and one I wish more...

Shut up and Write

  Sometimes you just need to Shut Up and write something already!  This isn't my first blog.  Heck it isn't even my second swing.  I've started many along the way and my last one got hacked.  After that, I used the content loss as a completely illogical excuse...

“Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.” Introduction to Permaculture

Bill Mollison

Chaya (Tree Spinach)

Chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius) is a must have in your central Florida foodscape.  We currently grow two varieties of Tree Spinach (another name for Chaya).  I’m not sure how many varieties there are, but it’s my understanding they all...

Mammals On the Farm

We see a great diversity of mammals on the farm. They tend to be somewhat elusive but if you're in the right place at the right time, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse. From the common squirrels and bunnies, to the more shy Bobcats and Otters, the diversity...

Snakes on the Farm

Roam around for a little while and at some point you're bound to see a snake sunning or hunting. While we do see a "Danger Noodle" once in a very rare while, the common snakes we see are all working to help us with population control among our rodent and reptile...

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